Neon Dreams is a cyberpunk story set in the not to distant future world in the year 2044. Technology has exploded with the advent of bio-ware, wet-ware, and even augments. With the rapid advancement of technology came the rise and fall of nations.

The world is more fragmented in some ways and unified in others. When the fall of various nations began there was little in the way of support and infrastructure. Many multi-national corporations stepped up offering a stability to areas that had fallen to lawlessness.

Today, those corporations that survived The Great Fall have become nation states in and of themselves. Some becoming recognized as the government entities and others content to pull the strings from the shadows. You will take on the role of a character who lives in this brave new world.

You’ll start in Neo Chicago, a thriving metropolis, as either a runner, fixer, solo, or techie. Will you band with others or run alone. Will you strike it big, burn out as a stim-head, or end up as another corpse floating in the bay.

It’s gritty and life’s a bitch, think you can handle it?

Neon Dreams

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