• Brandon "Five Fingers" Giles

    Brandon "Five Fingers" Giles

    Fast talker with quick hands. If you can't see all his fingers, he has something of yours in them.
  • doublezero (formerly Peter Gibbons)

    doublezero (formerly Peter Gibbons)

    A decker able to penetrate computer systems illicitly and steal sensitive information or circumvent security systems.
  • Hanna van Hassel

    Hanna van Hassel

    At first glance you may think you see a harmless woman with a tiny dress and a big purse, but watch out - an encounter with her could be explosive.
  • Miles "Eagle" Mancini

    Miles "Eagle" Mancini

    Tanned, muscular, tall man w/ handlebar mustache and crew cut hair.
  • Tom "Tommy" Nash

    Tom "Tommy" Nash

    The producer, the mingler, the business man and the face. If you need something under the table he's the man you talk to.